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Could you mail me? Mail from Play Store. I'd like to give you (generate APK with some debug options). I'm really interested at which point it's not working for you (it is phone, some limitation from Nokia, not sure here).

OK. But did you finish the trips from notification?
What phone do you have. Maybe it's some setting for your phone.

I have no idea how to reproduce this. I did >10k km with Trip Log. 

It's hard to say based on your screenshots. 

Could you one again write down - how to you start working with Trip Log.
You know - you are going to your car, you are doing this and this. YOu see notification, you see other stuff.

Check GPS settings for sure (if it's using GPS provider - not WIFI).

First of all. When Trip Log starts, you should see notification, while dirving - km in notification should change.

The only possibility to have "in progress" means the trip recording is in the backgroun - so this is something interesting.

If there is no notification it's not possible that any service is running. The trip in progress means some old trip not saved in most cases it's empty trip. If you remember, give me some details how you are recording this using autostart. I'm using it all the time (more than 1000 trips). I get sometimes problem with disconnect (underground parkings) - I'm working on this but for most trips it is working really stable. 

Try also to change timeout in settings for Trip Log (Settings -> Trip Log)

You can mail me screenshots from your device (mail from Play Store)

Start trip recording. Open notifications - swipe down from the top (I don't know what's notification center). 
You should see info TRIP RECORDING. Swipe down on this and there are 2 buttons. There's no way they are not there, only on newer android version if you have more notifications Android is hiding this and you need to swipe down.

We trying to detect this but some devices (in cars) are not returning intent and Fuelio don't know when to disconnect.

Of course you can always finish or pause your trip.

Notification - swipe down on notification - there are 2 buttons there - FINISH and PAUSE.

You can finish trip recording anytime you want using these buttons.

FYI. Option for @rlaggren #2 is planned as an option for future version. Current method for 90% cases is the most accurate one (used in many fleet management spreadsheets, apps). This will be default one but in future you'll have setting for this. 

Option for #2 is planned for future verions.

Also, by the trip cost you mean the new module. I want to connect this. Right now for TripLog you can set fixed value or use avg cost/km.

Cost per mile in Fuel Log

It is calculated using price from previous fillup. 
It's fuel amount * fuel price from previous fillup - because price in the last fillup is price for fuel you'll use in future.

Please check if you have latest version of Play Services. This is not Fuelio's issue, probably you've got problem with other apps using Google sign-in. 
I've got info from 2 users that it was resolved just like this. I think it was some kind of issue on Google's servers and Google Play Services.

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