Google Drive sync creating duplicate folders

Alex 2 years ago updated by AleXXw 6 months ago 5

The app creates duplicate Android/Fuelio folders when it backs itself up. 

I have the same issue.

Is there a plan to solve this?

Under review

Investigating this. You can safety remove these folder, create new backup manually and structure should be fine.

I'm checking where I did some bug.


This should be fixed in 7.6. You can try it from beta channel. Remove duplikcates. Do backup and starting from 7.6 this shoudn't happen again


actually I have same problem with duplicate folder on my Google Drive. duplicate folder are created repeatly in the root foleder, create fulder: Android, backupt-csv, Fuelio, Pictures, routes, Sync. I'm using Fuelio v. 7.6.15 actually.

Hi, i have the same issue. More badly: the backups seem to be mixed up, on my phone are not all tank stops :/

Any idea? There are now 9 fuelio folders, 12 picture folders, 22 routes folders and 11 sync foders :'(