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Calculations bugged when entering gallons

Andy 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

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Using liters as default measurement of volume, CAD as default currency. When doing a cross border fill up in the US using US gallon and USD, the price per liter field is showing the converted price per US gallon in CAD, and not the price per liter

On the mileage log, it shows an increase in the cost of fuel as well

Under review

Yes. Everything is correct. Because in US you are filling up not only in different currency but also in gallons.

For this - there's special option - Settings / Other Settings which allows you to switch units while doing fillup.

this is not correct. 

4.335 cad per l on the screen should be either recalculated to 1.14 cad per l, or the field should show 4.335 cad per gallon

All the other average stats in the mileage log are getting messed up because it thinks the 4.33 per l is real.

Also, if I touch any of the fields on the screenshot, the total cost will recalculate to 160 because it think it's 4.33 per l

I don't undestand. Isn't the problem exchange rate then?

If  you are using foreign currency and exchange rate is set properly - you are from Canada so you need to add USD currency. 

Then while doing fillup in US - select USD and then all prices will be recalculated. Maybe I don't see it (this scenario)


Let me try explaining a different way

When entering the fill up, I entered in USD and gallons.

31.79 USD was calculated to 42.28 cad. This is correct.

9.753 gallons was calculated to 36.919 l. This is correct.

mathematically, 42.28/36.919 = 1.14 per liter

Fuelio is showing 4.33 per liter, but that is the cost per gallon, and not the cost per liter. That 4.33 per liter cascades elsewhere in the stats and throws off calculations.

currently, I need to delete Fuelio's cost per liter and manually recalculate to have it correct



Checking and... you are right. I was able to reproduce it.

Adding this to 7.6.14 release 

awesome, thanks for the quick turnaround