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Include start and end odometer readings in CSV files

Harry 5 years ago updated by Johnny 1 year ago 3

A new user ... The CSV file does NOT include the start and end odometer readings. How do I set up the Odometer to be included when using TRIP LOG? Thank you

Under review

By CSV file you mean "Report" or Export file (backup)?


When we start and end trip, the odometer reading is not considered. We have to edit odometer reading every time after we complete a trip. It would be nice we the odometer reading is taken from the previous trip and updated accordingly.

This is the single most important and useful feature that could be added to FUELIO. 
I love everything about the app, the bluetooth auto record is great, the fuel logging and analytics are fantastic, but the need to have to remember to open every trip log and manually enter the starting Odometer (if i remembered to write it down) and the finish odometer. I know its a small thing, but its a chore.  

Please implement this, Im sure people would even pay for this feature.