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I think I'll change it. Database is already prepared for tank size value (there are tank size columns) but it should show up in the app soon.

Because probably there is some fuel in your tank. But setting "full tank" in Fuelio is the information that the tank is full. You don't know how much fuel there is still in your tank but you don't need this information to calculate consumption (between two full tanks you can calculate this).

I think you can create new category for this and in costs stats you should see this included.

Can you share your data. I think this is more related with data than Security patch. I've got N6, I can test it.

Manual backup/import yes. But sync option is saving data in one file.

To merge data, you can simply use file editor (like Notepad, Notepad++). Just copy lines to one csv, import this file.

To sync data - use autobackup option. And while restoring use restore (download all option). 

Like below. To add it, you can use CSV file. Add one item and in text editor copy this. On my todo list is still change for this. Right now - this is not a bug, but I'll ask user if he wants to add multiple items or just start counting new month.

OK. So the way to reproduce it.

Open app:
1. Vehicles set to miles

2. Go to Fuel Log

Units are set to km, right?

It was the first opening of the app or for example it was restore from background?

Could you reproduce it also after closing app - from tasks - remove app from running apps, open the app.

Could you tell me where? What do you mean by "toggle"?

Your vehicle is set to "miles" and you see "km" (for example at Dashboard). After selecting from Menu - Fuel Log - Stats?

If vehicle is inactive - you are not able to select this vehicle.

Which part is active?

Dashboard circle, notifications?

Please, give me more info.