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A great app but a few suggestions

Daniel Went 4 years ago updated by Adrian 3 years ago 5

I've been using Fuelio for a few days now and, on the whole, I think its a great app. It's definitely my prefered fuel tracking app out of all of those that I have tried so far. I do, however, have a few suggestions based on what I've seen and done so far.

1) I love the huge range of statistics that are available but sometimes I feel like I am getting lost in a sea of data. Having the ability to customize what is displayed on the two statistics pages (and the report) would represent a big leap forward in ease of use and allow people to go straight to the numbers they are interested in without getting distracted by other fields.

2) On a similar note, in the report, it would also be fantastic to have the option of breaking down the total "other costs" into its subcategories, and to have a field for "average cost per day" in addition to the "average cost per mile" one that is there already.

3) If a "fuel tank capacity" option was to be added to the car information screen, then each fill-up volume could also be expressed in terms of % of full tank. I would find this quite interesting.

4) It took me quite a while to find the reminders list. It might make more sense to have a distinct "Reminder log" on the main menu rather than (or in addition to) having the small circle in the top corner of the other pages.



Under review

Thanks for your mail!

Basically that's why I've created reports - to add users possibility to choose the dates and more features. Not only global stats.

This is something I want to add to reports. Right now you have fuel and costs. There should be an option to exclude categories.

Tank capacity - right now I'm using your highest fillup value from the fillup. But this is also planned.


I thought that this is obvious but maybe it's a good idea to add it also to the menu. YOu know, I didn't want menu to be huge.

I was wondering about that - I've only put about 14.3 gallons into my tank at most but I know for a fact that I have a 17 gallon tank.

Because probably there is some fuel in your tank. But setting "full tank" in Fuelio is the information that the tank is full. You don't know how much fuel there is still in your tank but you don't need this information to calculate consumption (between two full tanks you can calculate this).

Well that doesn't really address my concerns. I think I would prefer to see the red bar showing what I used up from my tank (out of 17 gallons)

I think I'll change it. Database is already prepared for tank size value (there are tank size columns) but it should show up in the app soon.