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Petrol Stations:

Roberto Arcera 8 years ago updated by Adrian 6 years ago 8

I can not add a petrol station from maps, which exists but whiout a proper Icon....

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You can create new station if you are at the place. If you need these stations and you can't be at the place. Just leave here links to Google Map for example.

This is how you can add new petrol station (your current GPS position is used for that)

It´s ok.

The main problem is I am not at the place I want to add. I have a lot of places where i will never be at again. I need this because I want to introduce almost 300 records that i have on a excel sheet in Fuelio.

That´s why I need another way to introduce the gas stations.

Do you have any kind of tutorial or procedure to make such a kind of import of information from excel to Fuelio?

Thank you.

You can add petrol station only when you are at the place. It's protection againts spamming also. But if you are sure that station is missing and you know the location - you can leave links to Google Map here. I'll add them.

With excel. Should be quite simple. The question what do you need? Fillups, costs?

You can create new vehicle, add some sample item - one to fuel, cost and you can export this to CSV and open in Excel.

Hi. Done. Added.

You can also add stations to Fuelio: https://fuel.io/faq_gas_stations.html

Added. Please ,also read how to add stations in Fuelio: