Your comments

Okay, I sort of understand your design. It's not how I would ideally like it to be because it doesn't keep track of when I completed each of the reminders (with no cost) so I could go back and see that history, unless there was a charge for the service and then it can be added as a cost. But if I do several things at once I have to enter a cost for each one and then reset the reminders for each one individually, right?

It's just a different point of view. You see this app as tracking costs mostly (say cost of fuel and costs of service and repairs). But I see it as keeping my car healthy by monitoring by gas mileage, performing regular checks such as oil level and tire pressure (and recording those events), and finally getting reminders on maintenance that needs to be performed.

Maybe it's the screen design that makes it confusing (reminders with cost, reminders without cost, templates, repeating costs, marking reminders as done, adding costs, etc.) I think perhaps you are trying to do too much in one area and it could be simplified or at least explained with some examples in the FAQ.

I guess I'm not following how I would use this. It seems like a lot of extra work to enter this. For example, I want to add a reminder to check my oil level and another to check my tire pressure (no cost) but I also want to add two reminders to change my oil and to rotate my tires. Let's say I go to the gas station and I'm checking my oil level and the tire pressure. So how do I add a record to say that I did both of the services today? Do I have to mark the two reminders as done? I did that, but I don't see any record that I did them. There is nothing in the "costs" section because these were free services.

And now if I want to take my car in for an oil change and tire rotation, do I have to find the template/reminder for both costs? Do I mark them done one-by-one? How do I say that I did *both* services and the total cost was $75? I don't want to have to itemize each cost separately. I just care that both are marked done and that the cost of $75 was paid. At that point both reminders should get reset (they may have different schedules, say 3000 mi for oil change and 5000 mi for next tire rotation).

This is how most apps for recording services work. You have a table of services with how often they recur. At any point you can see which ones are coming due. Then you could take the car in and have several of these services all done at once. In picking those services all the reminders get reset.

The problem is I don't see any record that I performed the service. Yes, it changes the reminder so that it will flag that I need to do it again in another 3000 miles, for example. But where is the record that I did that service today? And how would I add the cost for it? Do you see what I mean?

In my example, I want to set a service reminder to change the oil every 3000 miles or 3 months. Now when it comes time to perform that service, I want to click on it, say that it was done at 36,111 miles and cost $59.99 to change the oil. I also want to add a note of the type of oil I used. I'd then expect that to be added to the lists of services I'd performed on the car. Later I could go back and see that I had indeed been performing regular oil changes along with their dates, miles and costs (which could be 0 or not).

Yeah, I tried clicking on 'done', but all it did was reset the reminder. There was no service added to the log for the vehicle. A service log should include when I performed the service. It just seems to reset the reminder and nothing is added to the log of services.

If you can tell me how to do what I want using the system you've set up, I'll try it.

Basically I want to set up several services that are recurring.

1. Check oil every 1000 miles or 1 month (optional)

2. Check tire pressure 1000 miles or 1 month (optional)

3. Change oil every 3000 miles or 3 months (mandatory)

4. Change windshield wipers every 2 years (optional)

5. Change spark plugs every 100,000 miles (mandatory)

There should be a screen that shows me all these service reminders and what is coming due. I can then add a service record that says, I checked the oil and the tire pressure (services #1 and #2) on 5/5/2016 and odometer reading of 34,567. This particular service didn't cost anything, so I'd enter 0. Now I'd have that in my log of services performed on the car. It would also reset the reminders for both these services to say they were done on 5/5/2016 at odo 34,567.

Later I might change the oil, so on 6/6/2016 I'd perform service #3 at odometer reading 36,111. This has a cost of $59.99 with some other notes added to the service. That should all get added to the log. Again the service reminder would get reset to say that the service is performed at this time and I'd be good for another 3000 miles or 3 months.

I too am very confused by this weird merging of costs and reminders. In other apps I've used, you set up various services you want to perform. For example, I might want to check the tire pressure every 1000 mi or 1 month. And I want to change the oil every 3000 mi or 3 months. It shouldn't be necessary to set both miles and months. If you fill in only one, that's the thing that matter for the reminder

Anyway, most of this information would be filled from the service manual for the vehicle. There should be some that are marked optional and others that are mandatory. If you have missed an optional service, that should just turn the vehicle reminder yellow, but if you have missed a mandatory service, it should be red.

The app should then start counting down and then send a reminder when we are close to the due date or mileage. Also, at any point I should be able to enter the odometer reading, the date and which of these services were performed, along with an optional cost. It would be most helpful if I could enter the date and odometer and then pick from the multiple services without having to do it one by one.

In all cases, the reminders should get reset whenever I perform a service. A good example of how this is done is the "Remember the Oil" app on iOS. I've been trying to find an app on Android that does something similar and is the closest thing I've found so far.

If you'd like to discuss this further, let me know.