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There is still something wrong with your second fill-up. Fuel consumption cannot be 0. 

Like I said before. Don't count first fill-up. I don't know how many km you've driven in the first fill-up (it is based on total odometer). That's why there is no cost if the first fill-up and you only see it in the second one.

But about your (text) example. You're right. I'll take a look closer at it.

This is strange. Remember that first fill-up in Fuelio is used as initial data. 

km/l: 0 - this is strange.

Maybe there is something wrong with log's cache.

There's a small trick for cleaning cache in Fuelio:

1. Go to "Add" screen. Tap on "Add" button with empty form. You'll see error info.

2. Go to "Stats". Now it should recalculate your log.

See the fuel consumption values now.

Are all your fill-ups full? I see they're all checked as "Full" but there are small amounts of fuel. Is this correct?

Fuelio is calculating fuel consumption based on full fillups. If you will check fill-up as "full" and it's not actually full - the numbers will be wrong.

OK. So I know where's the problem. Mail me (mail in Google Play store on page).

Send me your .db export. I'll fix it for you. This was very old bug in older version of Fuelio. 

Export to .db and me this file. 

I need to fix your database schema.

Hmm.. If you can please send me report (after error) with your name. This could be tricky to debug. 

You can't click on choose account button? 

Do you have custom rom? Do you have Google Play Services installed? Do you accept Google permission? 

Thanks i dzięki :)

Yes. I know about that. This is connected to Fuelio CSV format. I'll think about that - how to change the format to be compatible with the previous versions.

No problem. Remember about GApps when installing your custom ROM (specially CM).

You could also change your ratings. Maybe now Fuelio is worth more than one star ;)

I need to create some info when you are adding first fill-up.

First fill-up is initial and you need to enter odo counter value. From now, you can use trip counter and everything should be OK.

You need to edit your entries. It's easy to fix.


I don't know your mail but you should know my :) Please, send me your CSV.

You'll find my mail at page or Google Play Store page: adrian.kajda+fuelio(at)

If you have PRO version you should be able to swipe right and see Cost module.