Mileage Calculation

Ruturaj Shetye 7 years ago updated by Adrian 4 years ago 4

I see an issue with the mileage calculation. when i enter the first full fill up, there is no mileage associated with that, which is correct. But on subsequent fill   ups, the mileage should be calculated for the last fill up, instead of current fill up. because with the current fill up i'm providing the actual distance the car traveled for the last fill up. So the calculated mileage should be pushed down to last fill up and current fill up should just be without mileage calculation. 

i have created a simple excel with the same algorithm.

Please see if you find it useful

acar has such push down mileage feature. it would be great if you can add it


I know. There are two schools for that. In my opinion my way of presenting that is also ok. There are many other apps which are using the same schema (FuelLog etc..). 

There are people which are familiar with "my style" of showing the log and your style. But when I was doing my research the one I'm using seems to be more popular.

But I'll think about adding it as an option.


yeah, your opinion is correct. adding it as an option will be good. Looking forward to it.