Few Bugs Costs module

Ruturaj Shetye 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3

Hi Adrian, 

i recently purchased the Fuelio Pro and started exploring the costs module, here are the few bugs i have found.

1. Date format: the global date format from settings is not honored on Costs module. it still shows date is US format like 2013-03-20

2. Default Dates: While editing the data, like dates, it always defaults it to current date, it should pick up previously entered date.

3. Monthly Cost: while entering the costs which are monthly (like washing) i was expecting it to recurring added to the cost, is it the way its expected? or its just a marker for the type.

4.Category: the newly category is not immediately reflected in the list, i have to go back to cost page and then add it again.

i hope you should be able to resolve them, looking forward to your continued support

Sorry for my late response. Family stuff ;)

1. Where exactly? The only one place where you can see ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd) is "date" button. 

2. Need to check it. Probably bug. I changed some forms lately there and maybe I broke something :)

3. Monthly Cost - this is recurring cost. When you add monthly cost for examply today 04-04-2013 - you don't need to add it manually next month. It will be added automatically on 04-05-2013 with the same price and title (and mark as monthly cost). I'm using it for example for my parking fee (fixed price every month). 

4. Yes, I know about it, I tried to fix it but something wasn't working.

here is the screenshot for date format.


3. about the monthly cost what the behavior i saw was, it works well when lets say i added a monthly cost today and it works for next month. But when i add a monthly cost with an old date (lets say an year old) it doesn't repeat.