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2 folders? 
YOu mean one /Android/ and two folders inside.

Please, try to sign out and sign in in Fuelio to Drive. Just to make sure to regenerate and clear cache for tokens.

What happened if you delete all these folders?

And then when you do full backup.

New directory should be created.

Do you use any other apps using Drive API. In Fuelio we use only strict access to files/folder. We can't read files that were saved by you, modified by you etc. Only files created by the app. If any other app got access and it's touching files somehow -we don't see it and Fuelio is creating new directory.

I tested:

If your main currency is CHF - add HRK with value 0.14 (this is correct)

Then when adding cost to fuel log or cost log - I get same values.

Which version do you use?

But wait. I just tested tihs.

What do you have in Foreign Currency.

Maybe you got more than one currency with same title?

Yes. Only when the fillup was made to the top.


Checking and... you are right. I was able to reproduce it.

Adding this to 7.6.14 release 

I don't undestand. Isn't the problem exchange rate then?

If  you are using foreign currency and exchange rate is set properly - you are from Canada so you need to add USD currency. 

Then while doing fillup in US - select USD and then all prices will be recalculated. Maybe I don't see it (this scenario)

Yes. Everything is correct. Because in US you are filling up not only in different currency but also in gallons.

For this - there's special option - Settings / Other Settings which allows you to switch units while doing fillup.

Go to currency settings ,ferign list and add exchange rates.

What do you mean. I'm using it all the time. I'm driving in Europe in countries (3 coutnries in my case) using diffrent currency. There's special option in Fuelio already (called foregign currency).

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