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Would be great, if you could change the Currency convertion while adding a fuel, so you don't need to go into the options to change the currency convertion, because it changes all the time anyway. For questions please just ask, maybe I didn't explain it correctly.

Thx for your support, and anyway, thx for this great app. Using it since more than a year now. The statistics are very interesting.

Under review

Because of being global app - it's really tricky to get or use some external provider for currency. And you know - it will never be OK. That's why in the notes you've got info about the rate.

We thought about it but if you are paying using credit card - it depends on your bank - exchange rate is connected with bank's exchange rate.

Right now I don't have source for this kind of stuff - that's why it's manual.


Foreign currency is for filling up in another country.

If you want to change currency (global) - you need to do it in settings / Currency.

But probably you need to create new vehicle for good calculations.

Foreign currency setting is always recalculating currency to your global currency (that's to that your stats are correct)

In "settings / Currency" the RON field is inactive and I cant change it. I was "served" with RON just like that and I can do nothing about that. I added EUR and insert a conversion value, but in the end, the result is still in RON. Which I don't need.

You need to uncheck - Use device settings. It's using your phone's global settings for locales

I have my currency in RON and I am in the Netherlands. I setup the excenge rate, but I still get the report in RON. What should I do to see the report in EUR as I am in EU?