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Foreign currency is for filling up in another country.

If you want to change currency (global) - you need to do it in settings / Currency.

But probably you need to create new vehicle for good calculations.

Foreign currency setting is always recalculating currency to your global currency (that's to that your stats are correct)

I have no idea what you are trying to do. 

When you are at the station - go to Add Fillup screen (Refueling) you should see ryd pay button. 

But here - when you click "Mehr" - nothing happens?

Can you give me info about your phone. Please, mail me directly to fuelio @ sygic . com.

Not sure what kind of info you want to sync. We don't have access to your payments. It's possible to login in Fuelio to ryd account and while ding fillup - form will be filled automatically after payment. That payment you'll have in ryd pay app but we are not able to take your payments to fuelio. 

We don't have access to transaction data. You are anonymous to us and we want to keep it like this. But huge benefit of paying in Fuelio is having the form filled automatically. Of course you are also helping Fuelio grow. 

Try to close the app and run it again, then go to Drive Backup.

If you have CSV file - use Settings / Backup / Import CSV option to read file fromy any location. Google Drive Backup Import option (there only) and Restore All is looking for Drive folders. 

If you are using manual option to import - you are selecting file, folder - Fuelio can read it - you are giving access to that file.

Duplicates - it was quite old issue. You can try to merge files - create one CSV with up-to-date data and import CSV using Import option

Looks OK. You set it like that. 

Go to Settings / Other Settings / Consumption (uncheck this flag to have consumption paired with the last fillup instead of the first one)

Could you check autostart setting? Maybe bluetooth device changed? Permissions?
We didn't change autostart feature - it's still based on same broadcast receiver method. 

Maybe you get update to your phone?

Please remember that new Android introduced some new permission change model. You need to add different location permission if you want to use autostart.

Please, check also this:

It's possible that after phone update some permission settings or settings related with battery management changed.

After pushing 7.7.7 I got zero reports about it. Also we rewritten that stuff and the only way it is still shwoing like that is to having on some device older verison. Check if you have other devices.

Right now folders are create only when connecting to Drive. So it's not possible to create duplicate when using the app after approving the app.

Do one thing. Make sure you are using 7.7.7, clear all dir, log out from Drive, then sign in again - do full backup (manually) and see if dir are created once again. It should be working. 

Also remember. If any other app got access to these folders, doing something - they are revoking access from Fuelio. We can read only files saved by the app. We don't have access to your Drive.

Update on this thread. Google Drive API stuff was rewritten in Fuelio 7.7.7 beta 17 (if you are in beta channel update will be here later today). 

Issues should be resolved. I'm using different way to check if directory structure is created. Less requests to Drive API etc.

This will be of course part of stable 7.7.7 release.

Hanna, you're the best! 
Now we've finally found something. I was able to reproduce it! 

Now I need some time for debug, but finally, I'm really happy about it.