Cannot save gps position.

Warren Kenney 11 år siden opdateret af Rosivan S Soares 11 år siden 2
Gps location used to work fine. Since last update I cannot serm to plot fuel stops. Map works fine and locates me just doesnt geolocate fills.

Do you have any errors? I didn't change main function connected to GPS. I've removed only some nested fragments and now it should be working in background.

Remember, you need internet connection to get your city name. Do you have internet connection while searching for location?

Try to test it again on open field. Go outside, go to "Add" page and tap on "Save GPS location". Give your phone some time. 

Any errors?




Hello Adrian, I sent an email to you about this a few days ago about this problem, my device is a LG Dual L3 (E405f).

By clicking "Save GPS location" on the "ADD" the message "Retrieving Data from GPS" appears, and even after several minutes in free area connected to the internet does not change the message and no data is added.

Other APPs take up to 4 seconds to display my location via GPS as Mapdroid, Google Maps and Sports Tracker.

Is there any problem in implementing the Fuelio line L3 devices from LG?

Thank you for your attention.


Olá Adrian, enviei um e-mail sobre este assunto pra você alguns dias atrás sobre este problema, o meu dispositivo é um LG L3 Dual (E405f).

Ao marcar a opção "Save GPS location" na página "ADD" a mensagem "Recuperando dados do GPS" é exibida e mesmo após vários minutos em área livre conectado à internet a mensagem não muda e nenhum dado é adicionado.

Outros APPs demoram no máximo 4 segundos para apresentar minha localização via GPS como, Mapdroid, Google Maps e Sports Tracker.

Será que não há algum problema na implementação do Fuelio na linha de dispositivos L3 da LG?

Obrigado pela atenção.

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