currency conversion difference between costs and fuel log

MK22 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

It looks like the calculation conversion is different/opposite for costs and mileage log.

For instance my main currency is CHF and I added the HRK with the exchange rate as: 0.14 (meaning 1HRK = 0.14CHF)

So if I add a cost of 150HRK for car wash it is correctly translated to 21CHF (done by 150*0.14)

However if now I do a fuel log of 700HRK I would get a price of  1071CHF (done by 150/0.14) which is wrong.

Conversely if I correct the exchange rate by adding HRK and putting 6.8 (meaning 1CHF = 7.8HRK)

I get the opposite problem (fuel is correct but car wash is wrong)

I'm not sure if this bug depends on a particular currency but I would assume it's just a wrog formula in Costs log or Fuel log)

But wait. I just tested tihs.

What do you have in Foreign Currency.

Maybe you got more than one currency with same title?

I tested:

If your main currency is CHF - add HRK with value 0.14 (this is correct)

Then when adding cost to fuel log or cost log - I get same values.

Which version do you use?

I'm testing it but now whatever I change in the currency it doesn't change the log.

Does it keep track of when the currency was entered and only modify from current date on?

I think I figured it out. I had the wrong conversion rates entered before. They were the opposite of what is intended to enter.

Once I changed it, old logs kept the old conversion and values didn't change (the fuel log was the old entries while the cost log was new). I will need to manually change them now.

This is because one can assume one of the following possibilities:

1. The app is asking me to enter the conversion from main currency to the imputed new currency

2. The app is asking me to enter the conversion from the imputed new currency to the main currency

There is no way to know which one is asked.

It would be useful if the following was implemented in the currency conversion entries:

- Enter the currency name and conversion rate then the app shows the conversion immediately; for instance if I enter HRK and 6.8 it would show me: your conversion is 1HRK = 6.8CHF which I can immediately see it's wrong and change it to 0.14.

So this is actually not a bug but a feature request. Sorry about the confusion.