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Makes perfect sense now. Many thanks for taking the time to explain this to me.

Hope to see this fantastic app. continue to develop. I shall certainly be looking to upgrade to the pro version in due course!



Thanks for looking into this so promptly however, I'm still not sure about the average fuel consumption figures.

Total miles covered 1837 - Total litres of fuel used 142.03 which converts to 31.25 UK gallons.

Therefore 1837 miles divided by 31.25 UK gallons gives 58.784mpg not 73.25.

I have entered the exact same figures in another app (Easy MPG) & 58.8mpg is returned.

I think the problem is with the initial fill-up. If I deduct the fuel from this (28.03 litres - 6.17 UK gallons) I get 1837 miles divided by 25.08 UK gallons which gives 73.246mpg! Should this fuel be used as part of the equation or is it for 'show' only as the initial amount required to fill the tank? I think I'm confusing myself with this.