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hmmm it is actually very nice seeing what your stats were during trips and fill ups..


Ok i edited the "Full Fillups" to be partial now however now it doesnt even work out the cost per KM or Litre per KM. In my opinion the cost per km should work as follows (example):

Fill up #1 (First Fill Up) R200 put in and Odemeter read 20 000 at the time of fill up.

Fill up # 2 (2nd fill up) R100 put in and Odometer read 20 300 at the the time of fill up.

This means i travelled 300KM between fillups and basically spent R200 to travel that 300 KM that would mean the cost per Km for fill up #1 will be 200/300 = R0.66/KM 

sorry in my first sentence its not cost per KM its litres used per KM and im from South Africa so our currency is in Rands.