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Hi, can you please contact me so i can send you my file, i've bought this app and i cannot use it until ive imported my old data across.


Adek, how can i send you the file, please advise.


Whats your email address? so i can send you the file

Also is there any way to check i am running the Pro version? i did purchase the key. E.g. Will Dropbox backup work if its the free version?

Hi Adek,

Read some good reviews about your app, puchased, but need some info in regards to the following:

1) I've purchased and installed your Fuelio app, and i see two icons, Fuelio Pro Key and then the app itself Fuelio, where can i check i have got the full version, because the Pro Key icon when pressed says "Application is not installed" should my icon say Fuelio Pro? with the red banner 

2) I am transistioning from Vehical (iPhone 4 app) to Fuelio, and i've gone through this thread and adjusted my Vehical CSV file to suit your template but its still saying it has errors, can i send you my file for you to look at? how do i send it to you

Many Thanks