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Second screen

  1. Note - poznámka... Here write car repair shop, where I changed the oil in your car. You can create a box / line for write this item (or GPS)?
  2. Information on costs - informace o nákladech... In the Title is the name of oil. again would have thrown box / line where you write the name ...

apparently again translator translates badly. I do not want a new category. connect screen again ...

I'm sorry, but I see only 2 response that was not possible at home. But I do not want to add a new pumping station. I want to add the station to form "refueling".

I'm sorry, but that you wrote to me. New station, I can only add directly from the pumping station. I understand that, even if it does not come to me logical. But it is your application, and I respect that. I asked, but also on the few things that you have not yet responded.

1/ Situation. I am writing from home refueling gasoline. From home I can add to the form the pumping station, which is already entered in the system and is located on the map. Why do from home adds to the station, which draws on the map, my current GPS position?

2/ same situation. I want to choose directly in the form of drawing petrol filling station on the map. If I'm in a form, click on the station does not show a preview of what the gas station is. If you browse the map, only the application (not the form) when clicked will show a preview.

3/ situation. I want to add a new pumping station in the system. Yes, I know, it's only directly from the site. Where do I enter in the form of postal address of the gas station? On the form, I see only the name of the station. but n

4/ Favourite stations rank by date addition favorites. You can create a filter and sort stations alphabetically?

I am very sorry if the translation via Google translator generated some misunderstandings.

Thanks, I'll try today to add one petrol station. Where you enter its address? In form, it is not the place.

And I should have 2 questions:
1. You can make a filter to sort the favorite gas stations alphabetically? Now ranks by date including Favorites.
2. Entering the gas station directly from the map (the form of gasoline refueling):
  • does not display the description of the pump directly added to the form.
  • if the pump has completed the second row, add to it my current GPS position.
thanks for the info

It is unfortunate ... directly at the gas station'm not even writing about refueling. let alone add a new pumping station.Yet your application perfect and I as its developments thank you very much ...

I apologize for my English, I am forced to use Google Translator

I would also add one error on this topic.

All logos Fuelio to do at home, not directly at the gas station. Then there is a problem, assign to record fueling gas station. The selected pump it then writes the address of my current place of residence. The same happens even if I want to add a new petrol station on the map.

Perhaps it meaningfully translator translated.