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  1. setting "default car" would be nice. actually more than only nice to have...
  2. true, after selecting stats review, scrolling performance is okay (but only after that).
  3. k
  4. add a new car, leave out name and description. change into mileage view. open dropdown selection for car selection, see ugly emty line.
> You could send me your csv and I will convert it to Fuelio format. 
thanks, but I'm done now. if I gave up then I wouldn't have identified the listed problems ;p

Now you could try to split your file (for example) per year ex. Car 2010, Car 2011 for better perfomance.
It's okay if you wait, since the app is finished at some point. it's not like the import fails.

I need to add some more exceptions
that's what I was going for. I though it might be helpful to have a list of problems ready. maybe problems you, as the developer, do not see.
  • hm, that's odd, because I can reproduce it any time. I use a Galaxy Nexus (maguro) with Cyanogenmod 9 (nightly build 2012-06-19), which is android 4.0.4. anything I can do to help identifying the problem?
  • would be nice, if fixed. please note again that it works fine when entering the price/l first (like ".98") and then entering the amount of fuel, but not the other way around. that's why I suspect some defect in the app's logic rather than an error while processing the actual number.