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Do you have full fillups?

Not sure I understand this.

Maybe you can provide some screenshot to explain this.

Would be great. I'm always open to comments and discussion. I've implemented this after talking and getting feedback from many users (lots of truck drivers). 

In most cases it's better to use this algorithm that is in Fuelio.

Fuelio is showing this for full fillups. And this is important in this case. In most cases the situation when you are filling your vehicle is you are running out of fuel - or close to this. Let's say even 1/4. Then you are filling up 75 gal to FULL (full is control point). You get this 75 gal for 3$ but actually this is the amount you have used by using fuel added with the previous fillup. And if your tank is even 100 gallons - it's still much better to get the price from the previous fillup. 

For first two years it was just total cost/ fuel amount. But like I said - I was getting a lot of complaints that this is wrong. We changed it. And like I said - for most cases this should be much better and more accurate than the mothod of claculating with the price from the last fillup. I used "most cases" because you are right that in some situations this can be more complicated. 

Maybe I'm missing here somethinh that's why screenshot can be useful to see the situation, your tank size etc.

Yes. but this is wrong. Like I wrote. This is it. Only you need to use fuel price from previous fillup (not the last one).

Take total cost from last fillup - then take fuel amount and take fillup from previous fillup. And that's it. You are calculating this with fuel you are getting in the last fillup - but this is fuel you'll use in future. So the only change is taking fuel price from previous fillup. And that's correct.


Why do you think so?

It's not so easy. You can divide it by fuel price from last fillup. In the last fillup fuel you get will be used in future so you need to take fuel amount (gallons or litres) and fuel price from previous fillup

Could you send me mail to fuelio@sygic.com. We'll try to debug this. I've got also Pixel with same version. It can be related to location/fuel types.

I need more information.
I stopped using userecho (it's not linked anymore on my page)

Thanks. I think there was here something very similar. It's a great idea and I hope I'll implement this in future.

This should be done per country.

I know this pain and I'd like to change it to remember your last pos in the log :)

Added. But please also check http://fuel.io/faq. There is a tutorial how to add new missing station.

Right now it's even easier than before.