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The app scrolls to top after edit is made to a log entry

Nick Concretny 11 months ago • updated by Adrian 11 months ago 1

Let's say I have been tracking my fuel consumption for 7 years. Let's say I want to edit several consecutive fill-ups that took place 5 years ago, during my trip to Italy. Let's say I simply want to add locations or notes to these entries. Now, if I open up the log, I have to scroll down all the way to, say, 2012 to find a sequence of logged fill-ups. I click on the first fill-up, e.g. September 1st 2012, add a note and change the gas station. Once I save, the app scrolls up all the way to the top. If I need to make multiple edits, I need to scroll five years back every time. 

Desired functionality: after editing an entry, the app does not scroll anywhere, a button should make it possible to go back to top. Even better, a filtered search could be useful. for such edits.

Under review

I know this pain and I'd like to change it to remember your last pos in the log :)