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Added. But please also check There is a tutorial how to add new missing station.

Right now it's even easier than before.

I'm releasing new  version 7.1.0 where there is new SDK for Drive and I'm checking Drive structure much better. Hope this will resolve this kind of issues.

For partial fillup it's not possible to calculate consumption. You don't know how many litres you have used. But if you have only partial fillups you can still see average consumption (estimation).

Not sure I understand.

True consumption is calculated with excluding some km.

I know that many LPG users are driving on LPG, when it ends - they are switching to petrol and when your LPG ends - reset trip counter to calculate how many km you have driven on petrol. With the LPG fillup you can simply just enter here this value.

Do you have fillups in your log or only cost items?

Did you allow Fuelio to write on Storage?

Thanks! It's a translation bug probably. Can you give me link to location of this station?

You can do this. Fuelio always autocalculate third value. So you can add full price, fuel amount - and fuel/L will be auto calculated.

But you want to hide it?

Yes. I never thought about it :) Need to add this to my backlog,

Sorry for delay.

It's because I'm using new Drive SDK - it should be working also when you are offline and then when it's the best moment Google will upload this to Drive. Check your Drive settings also (for example maybe you have there - upload on WIFI only).

It depends. In my case when I'm in my main mobile network I can see updates straight away.