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Reminders should be separate from costs, like for acar or mycar. Also should have opportunity to set number of months and every total numbers of km
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Why do you think it is bad when reminders are connected to costs?
I'm thinking about creating zero cost item as reminders - then you'll be able to add only reminder (without cost).
First of all congratulations for the app, then sorry for my bad english.
I'll try to explain what I mean. I premise that I did not understand the behavior of notifications, sometimes works but i don't understand to set them.
What i expect from reminders is that costs and reminders are set separated but they interact. For example of what i mean, i'll set a maintenance reminders called "oil control" every 2 months or 1000km. Then, i'll set the cost, and after 2 months or 1000km, i'll have a reminder. Then i'll set a new oli control cost and so on.
I hope you understand what I mean

Thank you
Agree, better reminders and fuelio will be perfect!
Reminders must be recurring.
Every month, quarter or year or random times and/or tied to mileage!
I agree, the Reminders are a mess. Very not user friendly. They do not do what users expect it to do, or...Fuelio has no option that users still look for.

e.g.: I have a motorcycle, I would like to track information when I lubricated my chain and how many km were between lubrications, so I'd like to have "add" option that has input fields: "name", "date", "odo counter" and "note" (no price, no nothing else). I'd like to add quick info when I lubricated my chain and have history displayed just like fuel have.
That it showed me how many km I made from the last lubrication and have history of it.
The same goes as to brakes...we don't need info about costs or a reminder. What we are looking for is the history when we did it and how many km we've made from the time we have put new ones (and the "note" field is to write what kind of brakes we have bought - company, model number).

The same goes for lots of other things, like engine oil change, we don't need price, just "name" - that it is oil change, "date", "odo" and "note" - so we can write what kind of oil we have put in. The rest what we need is showing how many km we have made since than. And when we change oil again, to have a history of every oil change just like we have on fuel fill ups.

Fuelio could have joined info. Every fuel fill up, it could show how many km We have made on this oil, and how many km my breaks did since I've put new ones, and how many km I have made since I lubricated my chain, and how many days left of driving with valid insurance and technical examination of the car.

Those are options in Fuelio we still look for. It should be seen on main screen or every fuel fill up because it is something we are doing most common.

Current Reminder option, even though is customizable, is very unhandy and cost orientated, what we do not like.

Please do what we need to have.
This way, we would have all maintance history of our car in this app.

Lately I had to change bearings in my wheel, that would be something I'd like to add to history of my car. But not as cost or reminder. Just add as history of this car, and what I would like to have to remember is "date" when I did it, and "odo", and "note" what kind of part I bought (company/model).

So maybe a customizable "add" option should be with option to track "km" or "date from" or "date to" since the last time of appearence of this particular data input.

Thank you.
I'm trying to add two things at the moment:
- possibility to add reminder not on the specific day but also for:

- every x km/miles
- every x months

But your scenario doesn't look so unfriendly for Fuelio. Basically you want to show reminders - zero cost items in the cost log.

And one more thing. For your example, cost with reminder looks good in my opinion.

1. Cost for the chain lubracation
Why do you think reminder here is wrong? Isn't that something that should be checked in some period of time? You'll have item in the cost log, you'll have history and you'll get reminder.

You can use is as template enter to easily add new item with the same description, only with a different odo counter.

The only thing is missing from your description is "zero cost" item not being shown in the cost log.
Not exactly,
Reminder - as name goes, is being set for reminding of something. It works on time and km.
Should be set:
- km from now
- when odo reached
- at exact date
- days from now
- and maybe it could be recurrent, but you would have to assume that we all sometimes do something far from the exact point...so it would have to be not every 400km...but since we set it, reminder should occur after 400km and there should be a reset button when we do it, and counting should start since button was pressed/new odo was added, not after 800km from the first set point.

Cost - is to add additional costs.
This is something most of us don't really care. But don't get me wrong...fuel costs are separate thing, I'm talking about additional costs. You should separate Reminder and Cost, or allow us to create template where we can choose what fields we want and what not, and what should be count between two occurrences of the same thing. Because sure, I'd like to add repair costs when my car goes to mechanic, or when I change tires for winter as an additional cost so it was added to the whole car cost every month/year, but not every time, everything. Sometimes it doesn't matter. Sometimes I want to track just km from the "add point".

If you separate Costs from Reminder, sure, than Costs can target adding costs in any way, but than in other places (like Reminder) should be as an option. If you want to keep it together, this should be "optional" in "add points" at the bottom, not a target.

Why I think Reminder is wrong?
Because it is all together now, and there is no understandable goal in it. Everything was put in one place and named Cost/Reminder and it is a mess. At least for me. But idea is good. I really do appreciate the all work.

And me, I just want to know how many km I am going since I did something last time, not looking for reminder to tell me that I have to do it now.
When I add Reminder/Cost in Fuelio, because I do, I really use that option so I remember when I did something, unfortunately in Cost log I see category, date, name and odo - and Fuelio is not calculating distance between two occurrecnes of the same thing. I have to take calculator and do it myself. And I'd like Fuelio to do it for me.
I'd like to know how many km my brakes lasted untill change...this would help me know, and "know" is what I want.
I'd like to know how many km I made since oil change...like, now, how many it is now, and I can't see it. I have to count with calculator. I'd like to have this number on main screen, next to information that I am riding on Motul 7100 oil. That my chain did so far lasted xxxkm since I replaced old one. And when I add new occurence the counters reset.
It would be so great to have that. It would be like car computer.

You can name this "Track" option that we can add. And when we add one, maybe a checkbox to show it on main screen.
However in "Cost log", or "Track log" it should be like in "Fuel log": +192km since last add point. This is what I am looking for. And probably lots of people that write feedbacks saying that they would like to have option to add breaks and oil info wish for something like that, not that what it is now in "Cost/Reminder", cause we all know that it is there, it just dont't do what we all want.
I'm adding recurring reminders right now. You'll be able to set option to repeat for something every x km or x months.

I know there are still things to clean but basically I don't fully understand your use case.

Costs are somehow connected to reminders. Right now, you can use remidners without costs. But I undestand you want to use costs without reminders. This is possible only you don't want to put price for the cost. Yes. I need to check the database.

I understand the last part. Neve think about it. The question is how with the current database it is possible to do that.
I don't know how the database looks like.
But somewhere in there, there are "odo" inputs.
I'm thinking one is for sure in "Fuel", the other one in "Reminders".
The "Track" should check last "Fuel odo" and last "Reminder odo" and see which is newest.
Than it should just display difference between "Track odo" and the latest "odo" there is.
The other way to do it, is to modify writing process so the "Fuel" input was writing "odo" in two places.
One for "Fuel", one for "Track".
I would help, but I am more Computer Graphic and Webmaster than a good programmer. However I like problems, so if you need to talk some things through with someone, I'm in :)

I too am very confused by this weird merging of costs and reminders. In other apps I've used, you set up various services you want to perform. For example, I might want to check the tire pressure every 1000 mi or 1 month. And I want to change the oil every 3000 mi or 3 months. It shouldn't be necessary to set both miles and months. If you fill in only one, that's the thing that matter for the reminder

Anyway, most of this information would be filled from the service manual for the vehicle. There should be some that are marked optional and others that are mandatory. If you have missed an optional service, that should just turn the vehicle reminder yellow, but if you have missed a mandatory service, it should be red.

The app should then start counting down and then send a reminder when we are close to the due date or mileage. Also, at any point I should be able to enter the odometer reading, the date and which of these services were performed, along with an optional cost. It would be most helpful if I could enter the date and odometer and then pick from the multiple services without having to do it one by one.

In all cases, the reminders should get reset whenever I perform a service. A good example of how this is done is the "Remember the Oil" app on iOS. I've been trying to find an app on Android that does something similar and Fuel.io is the closest thing I've found so far.

If you'd like to discuss this further, let me know.

But you can easily use reminders without costs. It's not mandatory. You've got choice here.

This is exactly working like that or I don't understand something.

I've got for example reminder for oil - to date and 15k km. After changing I'm clicking on it as done and I've got another cycle for it - so to the date I've changed oil next date or odocounter is calculated.

No need to add costs with reminders if you want to use it like this.

Yeah, I tried clicking on 'done', but all it did was reset the reminder. There was no service added to the log for the vehicle. A service log should include when I performed the service. It just seems to reset the reminder and nothing is added to the log of services.

If you can tell me how to do what I want using the system you've set up, I'll try it.

Basically I want to set up several services that are recurring.

1. Check oil every 1000 miles or 1 month (optional)

2. Check tire pressure 1000 miles or 1 month (optional)

3. Change oil every 3000 miles or 3 months (mandatory)

4. Change windshield wipers every 2 years (optional)

5. Change spark plugs every 100,000 miles (mandatory)

There should be a screen that shows me all these service reminders and what is coming due. I can then add a service record that says, I checked the oil and the tire pressure (services #1 and #2) on 5/5/2016 and odometer reading of 34,567. This particular service didn't cost anything, so I'd enter 0. Now I'd have that in my log of services performed on the car. It would also reset the reminders for both these services to say they were done on 5/5/2016 at odo 34,567.

Later I might change the oil, so on 6/6/2016 I'd perform service #3 at odometer reading 36,111. This has a cost of $59.99 with some other notes added to the service. That should all get added to the log. Again the service reminder would get reset to say that the service is performed at this time and I'd be good for another 3000 miles or 3 months.

Add reminder without cost. And it should work like that.

When you'll click done it will be reset and new date and odocouter will be calculated.

Next odocounter value is not changing?

Basically in Fuelio right now you can use reminder with or without costs. If you will save just reminder it should work.

I'll check it tomorrow, maybe it's another bug. I'm all the time using it like you wrote. For oil for example. And clicking done is showing me my next visit.

The problem is I don't see any record that I performed the service. Yes, it changes the reminder so that it will flag that I need to do it again in another 3000 miles, for example. But where is the record that I did that service today? And how would I add the cost for it? Do you see what I mean?

In my example, I want to set a service reminder to change the oil every 3000 miles or 3 months. Now when it comes time to perform that service, I want to click on it, say that it was done at 36,111 miles and cost $59.99 to change the oil. I also want to add a note of the type of oil I used. I'd then expect that to be added to the lists of services I'd performed on the car. Later I could go back and see that I had indeed been performing regular oil changes along with their dates, miles and costs (which could be 0 or not).

Yes. But it should be like that.

You can have cost with reminder or reminder just like that. Thanks to reminder you'll know when you need to change your oil. Next iteration will show you next date but you need to add cost manually.

There no better way. In most cases the price for oil change is not fixed. Every year I'm paying different price for that - that's why the cost is not automatically created.

I don't have idea how to make it better. If I'll create automatically cost - for most of the users it will be wrong because the price is different.

So basically - reminder is notification which should tells you - hey -it's time to change your oil! When you'll have term and you'll pay for it you need to add it.

TO make it faster - I've created cost templates. Save your oil change as template. Then you'll be able to recreate cost easily. Two clicks - you need to change the price or if the price is the same just confirm.


I guess I'm not following how I would use this. It seems like a lot of extra work to enter this. For example, I want to add a reminder to check my oil level and another to check my tire pressure (no cost) but I also want to add two reminders to change my oil and to rotate my tires. Let's say I go to the gas station and I'm checking my oil level and the tire pressure. So how do I add a record to say that I did both of the services today? Do I have to mark the two reminders as done? I did that, but I don't see any record that I did them. There is nothing in the "costs" section because these were free services.

And now if I want to take my car in for an oil change and tire rotation, do I have to find the template/reminder for both costs? Do I mark them done one-by-one? How do I say that I did *both* services and the total cost was $75? I don't want to have to itemize each cost separately. I just care that both are marked done and that the cost of $75 was paid. At that point both reminders should get reset (they may have different schedules, say 3000 mi for oil change and 5000 mi for next tire rotation).

This is how most apps for recording services work. You have a table of services with how often they recur. At any point you can see which ones are coming due. Then you could take the car in and have several of these services all done at once. In picking those services all the reminders get reset.


You have choice.

Reminders are just reminders - no cost items to show you need to do something and when it's done - you should add costs separately.

Other case - I'm using for example for oil. Every oil change I'm creating new cost with reminder and after paying an invoice I'm adding new cost with new reminder.

Because the price isn't fixed it is not connected.

For both services there no other way than adding new cost with oil + tire = 75$.

Template is helper for you. You can use it or not to easily add same cost based on previous item. Nothing more.

If you have two reminders for oil and tires - yes - you need to click them separately.

I don't know to be honest how can I change it to suit you needs. If you have idea just tell me.

Maybe I can ask user after saving reminder as done to enter the price for the service and then I can add it to the cost log. Maybe that's an idea.

So this way you'll be able to:

- add reminder (no cost - odo or date)

- after saving as done - I can ask you if you want to add new cost item for this.

Hey maybe this can resolve this issue. If the price is fixed - I can use previous price (preload) but in many cases.

Okay, I sort of understand your design. It's not how I would ideally like it to be because it doesn't keep track of when I completed each of the reminders (with no cost) so I could go back and see that history, unless there was a charge for the service and then it can be added as a cost. But if I do several things at once I have to enter a cost for each one and then reset the reminders for each one individually, right?

It's just a different point of view. You see this app as tracking costs mostly (say cost of fuel and costs of service and repairs). But I see it as keeping my car healthy by monitoring by gas mileage, performing regular checks such as oil level and tire pressure (and recording those events), and finally getting reminders on maintenance that needs to be performed.

Maybe it's the screen design that makes it confusing (reminders with cost, reminders without cost, templates, repeating costs, marking reminders as done, adding costs, etc.) I think perhaps you are trying to do too much in one area and it could be simplified or at least explained with some examples in the FAQ.

Would first like to thank you for all of the work that has been done with the app. A lot of good thought has gone into it.

I have some concerns regarding the notifications:

[My bike is currently at 23,750km.]

-One notification, "Oil Check every 1,000" was done at 23.000. the notification has now turned red again, even though I haven't reached 24.000 yet. 

-Other one: "Timingbelts every 10.000". I was supposed to change the timing-belt at 20.000, but that haven't been done untill now. When I pressed the "Done", the next change is scheduled at 30.000, even though I should run it untill 33.750.

-Last one: "Front fork Oil: 20.000 or 4yrs, whatever comes first". Meaning: Fork oil change was scheduled at 20.000km or 01.01.2019. When I changed it at 20.000, the next check was set at 40.000 (Sounds fine) OR 2019+4yrs=2023 (6 yrs from now! Not good!) 

Bottom line: Is there a way to fix it so that when I press done, it takes the CURRENt odometer and date, and adds the intervals? Instead of taking the supposed odo/date and adding them?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards

Could you confirm, we are talking about 7.0.7?

I've fixed one issue related with this but maybe it's still the issue.

Did you change date format?


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