Date and Uppercase tones in Greek language

istrios 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

I purchased the pro version. I would like to chart the date format is dd / yyyy, dd / MM and not yyyy / dd, MM / dd. Not correctly read in Greek. Also be corrected tones in Uppercase

The charts are a little bit different than log. There are short version of dates. I'll think about creating option for that.

What do you mean "tones"? 

Maybe this is connected to Greek translation. 

You can check Greek translation and maybe you can fix Greek phrases there?


Thank you for your answer. The capital letters doesn't appear correct . For example: ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΉ the correct is ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ with out mark in the letter H. Probably the application included in code android:textAllCaps=true. Anyway I will try to fix the Greek language in link you have give me.

Thank you

Yes. I'm using textAllCaps. But this should work. So there is probably a bug in Android OS with your language. But maybe if you'll set the phrase (this one below) it will be ok?

Thank you again for your quickly  answer. Yes, this is bug Android OS to the Greek language. As long as I have your permission, I will translate these specific words with capital letters in crowdin.net, so that to help as and another users from Greece, for the uniformity for the application.

Of course the app is very very good.  Congratulations!

Thank you