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Vehicle description is incorrectly set when importing to a new device from Dropbox

Maximilian Hantsch-Köller 6 years ago updated by Adrian 6 years ago 4
I am switching phones. So I installed Fuelio on the new device and imported from Dropbox. I got all the data and my vehicle imported (this works nicely, thank you!), but the vehicle description was not imported. Instead, on the new phone, the vehicle description was set to the vehicle name.
I forgot to add: this was with Fuelio Pro 3.5.0.
I've tested my own CSV files and I can't reproduce this bug. I've got description in the right place.
Under review
Could you show me your CSV file? 
Here are the first few lines:

"## Vehicle"
"Honda Civic","W-84729Z","0","0","0"
"## Log"
"Data","Odo (km)","Fuel (litres)","Full","Price (optional)","l/100km (optional)","latitude (optional)","longitude (optional)","City (optional)","Notes (optional)","Missed"
"2014-04-05","81575","39.9","1","51.43","0.0","47.8042","16.237","Wiener Neustadt","","0"
"2014-03-24","80919","30.23","1","38.48","6.14","47.8042","16.237","Wiener Neustadt","","0"

After the import, both the vehicle name and the vehicle description were both set to "Honda Civic".