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I'm new to Fuelio and trying to import my data from a previous app. I exported a csv from both apps and used Excel to get the data from my old app into the format Fuelio uses, however it appears the CSV Excel saves is a different format than the one Fuelio creates. Below are the examples from Excel (first) and Fuelio (2nd). Importing the one from Excel causes Fuelio to crash. Anyone know how to save the Excel data to the same format of CSV as Fuelio uses?

## Vehicle,,,,,,,,,,
Tenley's car,Description,1,1,1,yyyy-MM-dd,,,,,
## Log,,,,,,,,,,
Data,Odo (mi),Fuel (us gallons),Full,Price (optional),mpg (optional),latitude (optional),longitude (optional),City (optional),Notes (optional),Missed

"## Vehicle"
"## Log"
"Data","Odo (mi)","Fuel (us gallons)","Full","Price (optional)","mpg (optional)","latitude (optional)","longitude (optional)","City (optional)","Notes (optional)","Missed"
I was able to get it working by 1) Creating this macro in Excel to export the CSV with quotes http://support.microsoft.com/kb/291296/en-us and then 2) deleting line breaks. Fuelio still crashed when I imported it, but once I reopened it my data was all there.
I realized the per gallon price was being displayed instead of the total price so had to go back and edit my data and now it's not working again even though I did all the same steps to make it work before

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