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Issue with stats

Richard Boxshall-Smith 11 year бұрын updated by Adrian 11 year бұрын 7

Image 2Hi,

I have noticed a little bug in the calculations of cost per KM, i have filled up three time, First time i put in R200 and drove 219KM, second time i put in R200 and drove another 219KM, third time i put in R100 and have completed my KM travelled yet however the cost per KM started calculating one fill behind which makes the R100 fill seem as if i have travelled 219KM and show that i have used only 0.4L/KM where it should actually be 0.91L/KM

sorry in my first sentence its not cost per KM its litres used per KM and im from South Africa so our currency is in Rands.

This is strange. Remember that first fill-up in Fuelio is used as initial data. 

km/l: 0 - this is strange.

Maybe there is something wrong with log's cache.

There's a small trick for cleaning cache in Fuelio:

1. Go to "Add" screen. Tap on "Add" button with empty form. You'll see error info.

2. Go to "Stats". Now it should recalculate your log.

See the fuel consumption values now.

Are all your fill-ups full? I see they're all checked as "Full" but there are small amounts of fuel. Is this correct?

Fuelio is calculating fuel consumption based on full fillups. If you will check fill-up as "full" and it's not actually full - the numbers will be wrong.



Ok i edited the "Full Fillups" to be partial now however now it doesnt even work out the cost per KM or Litre per KM. In my opinion the cost per km should work as follows (example):

Fill up #1 (First Fill Up) R200 put in and Odemeter read 20 000 at the time of fill up.

Fill up # 2 (2nd fill up) R100 put in and Odometer read 20 300 at the the time of fill up.

This means i travelled 300KM between fillups and basically spent R200 to travel that 300 KM that would mean the cost per Km for fill up #1 will be 200/300 = R0.66/KM 


There is still something wrong with your second fill-up. Fuel consumption cannot be 0. 

Like I said before. Don't count first fill-up. I don't know how many km you've driven in the first fill-up (it is based on total odometer). That's why there is no cost if the first fill-up and you only see it in the second one.

But about your (text) example. You're right. I'll take a look closer at it.

OK. Now I've got a moment to answer to your question.

Truly, I'm thinking about removing this item from the log screen and put it only in stats.

The values I'm giving you should be fine if you have many full fill-ups. Error should be really small.

I can't choose the price from the first (previous) fill-up in all cases. It's hard to write a good algorithm for that. Your  calculations are OK for this example. But average stats should be also OK using mine. 

With your algorithm everything will be ruined if you have partial fill-ups. 

If there are concerns, maybe I should remove this value from the log? What do you think? And I'll leave only average values in Stats?

hmmm it is actually very nice seeing what your stats were during trips and fill ups..

Sorry, I do not think it's a good idea to remove the cost per kilometer from the log. This is very useful information for me. If you can calculate the flow rate from the previous full fill-up, for you not be difficult to calculate the cost of one kilometer based on the cost of the previous full fill-up.