Not supported by my device

Представитель магазина 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

I have bought a Pro version for my ZTE phone - all worked. Now trying to install to my other phone - THL W8 - but it's not suppoted somehow. Please update compatibility

Looks like S3 clone. It's hard to say what the put in there. Is is clean Android or some kind of fork.

It's not my fault. Your device could be blacklisted in Google or you don't have Google Apps installed there.

Fuelio is using official Google API. You need device with Google Play Services. 

Maybe you can change ROM on this phone? 

Yes, sure, maybe it's not Fuelio fault. But all other apps (100+) installed properly. BTW, LEWA project - pretty popular Android fork and can be installed to wide range of devices. There are millions users in the world, taking in account that this project is Chinese :)

Ok, I will ask another way - can it be installed into 2 devices at one time from one google account?

And Adrian - thanks for very useful software! Will recommend it to friends.

Yes. You can install it on any device with the same google account. 

About this error. I think you don't have proper version fo "Google Apps". This is common problem for example in CyanogenMod. You need to install it manually to get all google apps work properly. 

Don't know what you did - but now it works on my THL W8!!! Maybe Market auto update, but anyway - THANK YOU ADRIAN!