Moving to Fuelio, need help

SBMongoos 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 2

I've been using another app but it's failed to work correctly and been having issues. I believe I have all I need for CSV files, photos, etc. But not clear of the complete process to bring this into Fuelio. I have data back to 2016. 

Is there anyone who can assist. I've been trying to do this but running into issues getting to work or import correctly.


I've seen some steps from previous posts but there years ago. So it looks like this can be done. 

Well building out my CSV based on what I can find. But I'm not able to get it onto my phone. I cannot find the location on my Android (v14) where the files are supposed to be stored. I can create a couple of records on the app and backup to Google Drive. Then use the sample CSV from Fuelio and put the data in where it is supposed to be but I cannot get it to come back to the phone where I should be able to see the new CSV I created. If I try to import from Google Drive it throws an error complaining about the path but it doesn't give the full path in the error, so that doesn't help.