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Editing Reminder advances the miles

jake-f 11 months ago updated 10 months ago 2

When I edit a reminder to change a value like the note or the date the 'Initial Odocounter' is advanced by the 'Repeat Every Distance' value. It is advanced even if I make no changes and just click the Checkmark to save.

To work around this I have to manually subtract the miles from the Initial Odocounter.

This is causing problems more often now that I am editing reminder dates because of significantly reduced driving do to the pandemic.

Under review

I'm not sure if this is trhe right approach. Reminders if they are done. you need to check the as set as done and add new on instead of editing existing.

Yes. Editing existing is firing next iteraition if that was set. 

Maybe you can tell me more about the use case. Why you are doing that.

From the Reminders screen it lists all my reminders. Most are automatically repeating reminders.  If I click the 3-dot menu on a reminder and select "Set as done" then the reminder advances the date and miles. This is expected behavior.

If I click the 3-dot menu on a reminder and select "Edit" then the edit screen opens and I can edit the reminder. I make the desired changes to the reminder (maybe the Title was incorrect or I want to add a note). When I click the checkmark in the upper right to save the changes the reminder Initial Odocounter is advanced (the Repeat Every Distance is added to it).  This is unexpected. This means what was displayed in the Odocounter field is not what is saved.  Also note that only the Odocounter is advanced in this case. The Start Date is not advanced.

The Initial Odocounter and Start Date should only be advanced when using "Set as done".

If I'm not supposed to edit reminders and instead have to copy everything out then why is there an Edit menu item?

I suggest the Initial Odocounter and Start Date be renamed to Reminder at Odometer and Remind on Date. And that odocounter and start date only be advanced when clicking the "Set as done"