Please add numeric keyboard for entering fuel data.

myce 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

 A numeric-only keypad (much like the dial-pad in the phone app or the keypad in a calculator) would have bigger key and thus be easier too handle.

Numeric keypad is active in my app. What keyboard are you using? 

Try for example Stock Android,  SwiftKey or Swype. You should see numeric keyboard by default. 


Well, yes, the standard numeric keypad is active. This contains, besides the numbers, 20 additional interpunctation characters. Ideally there would be only the 10 digits, backspace, decimal point and enter for the numeric fields. This would leave more space for each key, resulting in bigger keys, making it easier (and faster) to enter the data between filling up and hitting the road.

This Palm app gives a nice example of what I'm after. (Scroll down to "Data Entry" and look at the "Easy Input"-Panel.)