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trip log lost

Richard 5 years ago updated by Adrian 5 years ago 3

Using Fuelio v 7.5.12, however this was updated 2 days ago. So this report is about the version(s) just before this.

I have been using this app for a few months now. I love the openness of the application and data access. This app appears to have all the features others leading apps (aCar) have.

I have had my trip log disappear twice now.I have had to start the trip log over (as if the trip log had never been used before).I am now on my third use (initialization) of the trip log.

Phone: Samsung Note 5 android 7 (SW Ver N920VVRS3CRH1)

There is only one file listed in the ReportRoutes folder dated Mar 16, 2019. I have not added any trips since then.

Has this type of behavior been reported before? I could not find such a report when I searched this forum. What other information is needed to further diagnose this?


Under review

Not sure you can read this announcement:


🎉 ① New version
We are pushing Fuelio 7.5.4 to Play Store.
🐛 Fixes: Adding gas station fix, few other fixes for adding fillup using shortcut, editing prices problems while using shortcuts/widgets.
And checking prices, connection with our API with this version will be much faster!⚡️

❗️ ② Trip Log Recording
I know that for most of you Trip Log it's working really well. For some of you - sometimes it's not working like it should.
We've investigated many cases - sometimes we can't do nothing. But still we are trying to do some workarounds.

Please take a look at this site:

FYI Trip Log is running in the foreground, we don't run any background services (these can be killed easily by Android). In theory - Android shouldn't be killing service running in foreground (for example notification - just like the one we are using in Fuelio. You see it, nothing is hidden, notification is running, you started recording...) - but it's only theory. It's working fine when you are using stock Android and as you know manufacturers like to change many things🤒.

Any solution?
Some phones let's you set 🔋"battery optimization" manually or whitelist apps that shoudn't be killed. You can try it first - you can go to app's settings and try to turn off "battery optimization" for Fuelio (I've got feedback from Nokia user that it's helps) (see photo). It's a good starting point if you have issues. Especially when you are driving with screen off without charging.

I'm also doing everything I can to fix it for some of you (but in some cases because of manufacturer's limitation - it's not possible). But thanks for your feedback. I'll be still working on this - to make it work.

I'm glad you liked Trip Log, I'm happy it's still working for most of you but when you'll have a problem - please, just be aware of it.

Have a nice weekend! 😀

So in short. Please, check battery saver and GPS - should be in accuracy mode (not battery saver). 



Thanks for reviewing this post.

Before I posted my issue here I had looked at that Facebook posting.  I failed to see a connection between the suggestions there and the data loss I am experiencing.

Are you saying there is a possible connection?  If so, please elaborate.  I still don't understand how battery saver settings and/or GPS accuracy would be connected to loss of ALL trips already saved in the Trip Log.

Also, are Trip Logs:

  • synchronized between devices through Google Drive or Dropbox?
  • backed up through Google Drive or Dropbox?


No. I thought there's something wrong after recording.

With missing data. Did you use cloud backup? Can you check cloud from web? Google Drive?