Bi Fuel

Tasos Isopoulos 6 years ago updated by Adrian 4 years ago 5
Can you please inform me when are you plan to release new edition of your program with dual fuel???
My Car is running with Gasoline 95 octain and Autogas

Thank you

Hi, I am interested also flexifuel chance. Now mileage cost for each filling is not correct when I fill the different fuels like E85 and 98E. Gasoline is more expensive but it takes less than a cheaper ethanol fuel. And of course, the concentration of fuels used can be any.
Under review
This is the next big feauture I'll be working at. It's hard to say when. At the moment I've got my full time job. I don't give public deadlines because I don't want to fail anyone. 

Fuel types + bi-fuel vehicles this is something I need to add and I know it!

I also would like this feature. Here in Brazil we have E100, E25, E25+additives and diesel.

It's already here. Just wait few days. You'll be able to set two tanks in the app. Currently this is available in beta version but this will I'll be pushing this to production :)