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Option to either enter price per litre or full price and not both

Harald Heigl 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Current behaviour: You can enter price/l or the full price and the other data is automatically calculated

My Usage: I always only enter full price, I don't want to enter price/l ...

Assumption: I think most users will only use one of them, some will enter full price, some only price/l. Normally they won't change their behaviour.

Proposal: Make an option in settings to choose between: full price, price/l, both. 

If only one is choosen the other item will still be calculated, but disabled and also jumped over if you send "enter". It would be a little bit faster for those which enter "full price", as price/l will be jumped over and avoid errors (Today I was accidentially entering the full price in price/l field)


Under review

You can do this. Fuelio always autocalculate third value. So you can add full price, fuel amount - and fuel/L will be auto calculated.

But you want to hide it?

I wouldn't hide, but disable it via setting. It's faster for me (and perhaps for others too, who are using full price only). 

I use enter between the lines, I now input km -> Enter -> l -> Enter -> Enter(x) -> price per l --> fuel station and save.

It will save a second enter (with the x) and also prevent from accidentially entering full price in price per l (since I always only enter full price, others may only enter price per l, I don't think that people switch often between them)