Sync with google drive seems to work, but some time later and without notification

Harald Heigl 3 years ago updated 2 years ago 5


Since it works somehow, I decided to post this as question and not as bug.


- Google Drive Settings:

-- Autosync on change: true

-- sync between devices: false

-- activate notification: true

When testing this app for the first time, I always got a sync-notification nearly immediately (I had WIFI when testing this).

Then I imported 108 entries of another app on my own with some csv-conversions. Everything is now in fuelio, so far so good.

Today my first real time test with a new entry, I didn't get a notification (I didn't have WIFI, but mobile, if that matters), but it seemed to get synced an hour later (at this time I was already at home with WIFI, if that matters).

So my question: If the "notification" item is ticked, why didn't I get a notification, though my data got synced? And why would it last so long, does it wait on WIFI? Any idea? I'll turn notifications off in the future, but for now I just wanted to know how reliable the sync is.


If you need any logs (if there are any) or I may look into some log please let me know

Under review

Sorry for delay.

It's because I'm using new Drive SDK - it should be working also when you are offline and then when it's the best moment Google will upload this to Drive. Check your Drive settings also (for example maybe you have there - upload on WIFI only).

It depends. In my case when I'm in my main mobile network I can see updates straight away.

Sorry not much time too :-), so the delay.

Ok that would it explain and google drive has "WLAN only" set on my mobile, so the delay of one hour seems valid to me.

The notification was missing though, I don't know if it is even possible to get an notification as the upload will happen, but as said since I ticked the "notification" I was expecting one.

I'll watch this again the next time ...


I'm releasing new  version 7.1.0 where there is new SDK for Drive and I'm checking Drive structure much better. Hope this will resolve this kind of issues.

Last times I used the app syncing and notification worked, so at least for me it seems working.

Thanks again!