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default filling up mode.

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Hi there,

can you add please a setting to control the default fill up mode?

currently the option of "full tank" is always ticked when I tap on the "new fill up" button.

I want a setting that will allow me to set the "full tank" option to be unticked as default.

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As I remember Fuelio will remember your last choice. Please check it. So when you'll add filup without full tank - next time it will be unchecked.

Sorry, but this is not the case.

although I have filled up several times partially tank, the checkbox is always stayed ticked.

I've changed this 2 updates ago. I'll check it.

But your idea is to add this option in the settings, right?

Yes, Please add this to the settings.

BTW, is your app can be displayed in the Hebrew language? (or maybe I should ask this in another thread?)

It should. If your phone is using Herbrew - Fuelio should switch to this translation. It's done.

So my phone is set up to be displayed in Hebrew.

nevertheless, fuelio is still displayed in english.

Android 4.1 don't have full support for RTL languages. I'm using Android 7. But I found a bug. Try next version.

Ok. I'll try it and report here if helped.


OK. Will be fixed with next version!

it's strange...

Which version of Android this device have?

I have Android version 4.1.2

Thanks you about the last update!

Now it is displayed in Hebrew also in my device running Android version 4.1.2.