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Trip Odometer only tracking

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Czesc Adrian!  Thank you for the great app, it looks very detailed and I'd love to use it as my full time tracker (I currently use Fuelly to track MPG's).  The way I track my mileage is by using the trip odometer.  When I go to fill up, I write down the miles from the trip odometer(~300 miles per tank) and then reset it back to 0 to track the next tank until I go fill up again.  

So the problem that I ran into is that when I was entering my first fill up into the app, I selected Trip Odometer from the dropdown but it was saying that I need to do an initial fill up to setup the initial counter.  I think that this doesn't make sense if I'm using Trip Odometer to keep track of miles since I know how many miles I've driven.  

Do you think there could be an option where if someone is using just the Trip Odometer that you don't need to set the initial Odometer reading?  In the meantime, I set the Odometer to 1 and am entering each fill up under Trip Odometer but I feel like it's a weird work around haha.

Anyways, it's just an idea and something I noticed while using your app.  Thanks again and keep rocking! 

Under review


In Fuelio first fillups is initial. For the first time - please use total odo counter and then you can simply use trip counter (for next fillups).

It's because you need to setup your total odocounter value (if you want to use cost module).


Okay that makes sense.  I guess I was just confused since if using trip odometer then you wouldn't need the initial odometer reading.  But it explains why you do since of the other modules.

By the way, is there any update on adding the manual option of setting the initial odometer? I ask because I've seen someone else's post asking about it.  


No. There isn't. It's important infor for othe modules but like I said. You need to put it only once. If you don't have it - you can start from number like 1, 1000 and then use trip counter (for example).

Okay, simple enough.  Thanks for the explanations!