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Fuelio does not find gas stations any more

denke42 4 years ago updated by Prima Knh 2 years ago 12

Most gas stations are not found. If I find the gas station on Map, it still does not want to enter it. Before it new gas stations, it at least knew the location. Now it does not seem to know or keep the location either. I would be glad to turn off finding gas stations (which I can enter in Note), in order to have the location saved.

Under review


You an add new petrol station by yourself.

Please see this.

Also if you don't want to use it - just uncheck gps feature (turn of the switch) and you'll be able to save this info in notes. But if you are not using it because of missing stations - maybe you can add them.

Do you have at least 3 fillups in your log?

Adding a station manually does not show up as an option for me.

I take it that this can be done only when at the gas station. I tried to do it at home, after watching this video, but the marker on the map shows the location of my home (of course), and I cannot seem to move the marker. The gas station in question is only a few blocks away, and it's the one I use most. It's particularly annoying, because Fuelio knows the place is there, but thinks it's only a store. In fact, the map shows the location of the gas pumps and of the office, which contains a small convenience store (like most gas stations do now). The office/store is named (with a shopping bag icon), while the structure where the pumps are is unidentified. Google Maps knows it's a gas station: https://goo.gl/3mnLe

We are not using Google's Maps stations. Database is seperate, thanks to this we can connect a lot more stuff. Maybe the station is not in our list? Then you can add it (see lat tweet or FB post). Now you can drop pin.

What about Petrol Station from the menu? Can you see stations  there?

Where is "lat tweet or FB post"?

Got it. Thanks.

I love the addition of being able to add in fuel stations. My question is how do you correct errors on listed station or combine listing for the same station.


You can change name - go to station's details. And if it's station that should be removed - at the end you'll find "report station" button. Please, send this report to us. You can sent me info about location so I can speed this process up.

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