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Total cost calculation error

Malcolm 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Just cut over to this app. Last week after 1st fuel fill after last update, noticed calculation is incorrect. I doubled checked I entered the correct values.

Liters = 47.132

Price = 1.289

Total cost should be 47.132 x 1.289 = $60.75

But it calculated: $57.93

Under review

Of course. And it is.

Could you try again?

I think you've added at add screen some values, you've changed the price, and total cost wasn't calculated. To autocalculate you need to remove two values.

Please try it and see this.

I've added fillup using these number.

I've just added fuel: 47.132 and price - third one was autocalculated.

Hi, you are correct. I deleted and re-entered it, but initially it was still wrong but noticed the issue.

I have Pre-load Last Fuel Price checked on. So when I entered the mileage and the amount of fuel, it pre-populated the price which automatically calculated the cost. When I deleted the cost and the price and re-entered it was correct.

I have un-checked Pre-Load last fuel price now.