Unable to update price

Stuart Gibson 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5
I often put the decimal place in the wrong spot, as the pumps are priced in cents, not dollars. When I go back to edit the cost per litre the change won't save. A user option to specify the price in cents instead of dollars would also be nice
Price is always autocalculated. Try to update total price and fuel amount. Edit single fill-up and enter correct values.
It never takes any changes I make to the price per litre. I've been attempting via your process
I am able to adjust total cost and quantity, but there is definitely a bug with changes to price/l
What do you mean? What are you doing exactly?
If the price is wrong, probably the total cost and quantity are wrong.

You can't edit fuel price at the moment to the custom value. It is autocorrected by your total cost (check) and fuel ammount (L or gal).
Well that's the issue I'm having. I want to correct an incorrect price/L. If it's a known bug, then that's fine.