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Is there a way for two or more people to share a vehicle on multiple devices (accounts) and sync them?

pmb137 4 years ago updated by Bart Nieborg 5 months ago 4
Under review

Yes. Currently it's in beta but it's working. Connect your phone/tablet with Google Drive or Dropbox and check - autobackup and sync option. At start Fuelio will check the data and it's newer data it will import this data.


But the other people have their own google drive.

How do I do it without giving them my login info?

Create new Google Drive account or for Dropbox I'm using App API which is not giving access to your data - only the Fuelio directory.

Right now there is no way to sync between different accounts - for this we need third party server and store your data somewhere.


Is there an update according this feature, I know a few people that would like to use this