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Lithuanian Currency

Tomas Vaidotas 4 years ago updated by Adrian 4 years ago 5

official currency in Lithuania now is Euro not Litas (LTL)

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Thanks! Yes I know.

Right now I'm using phone's locale to get list of languages with Currency and ... it looks it's outdated :(

But wait. It's OK on all my phone's.

Lithuania - EUR.

Of course you can choose EUR currency using any country with EUR (language won't change).

Can you give me more info about your device. Interesting that on some phones it's OK.

Screenshot added.

I see... but my list is a bit different.

Currently i am using Fuelio version 6.1.0. It is loaded from Google Play. Judging by records i am using program from 2014. Phone language is set to UK (there is no locale for Lithuania, and i prefer English). So my currency by default is GBP.

There also is a menu Currency, where you can enter your own currency. It is now set to symbol "€", but curercy is still displayed as "£". But i think it worked in previous version.

Anyway, as you suggested, i set currency to Latvia, and now it looks ok.

p.s. i have MotoG (1st gen). It is not rooted and with official ROM. Because i using that program so long... maybe i just need to backup all data and reinstall?

Always do backups ;)

It could be related with root. Custom ROMs can have many potential problems. I'm not against (still using custom ROM on my old Galaxy Nexus) but depends on ROM - locales are part of Android system. Maybe it was compiled with old version. Really hard to guess.

But like you said - you could use another country with EUR. Country information is not visible anywhere so currency is important.