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Reminder and Notifications

Sinkhouse 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

I set up reminder for 20000km or one year. I drove 20000km in 7 months but progress bar still shows about 75%. In my opinion it should be configurable ( glued to odometer, date or whatever comes first). The same thing with repeating for future periods. I'd like to be notified when odometer will be close to next 20000km (or year if it becomes earlier, counting from date when next period was triggered).

Under review

Can you show me screenshot and give me more details.

What is your odocounter right now.

I expected progress bar almost 100% because of mileage. In the other hand if it was 2017.01.01 (for example) and mileage about 10000 km I would expect almost 100% also. Is that clear now?