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Import of manually edited csv

Nikos Platis 7 years ago updated by Adrian 7 years ago 3

I am trying to correct some incorrect data of Fuelio. For example, the location (longitude/latitude) of an entry is wrong (because I entered it later). So one of the things I tried is:

  • Export CSV locally on the phone
  • Edit CSV, change only longitude/latitude
  • Import CSV

The changes do not seem to be imported, the old position is still there.

Also something else: in the CSV there is a field called "City" with value "GPS". How is this populated? Can I change it to something real? (while editing the file as mentioned before, I tried to change it as well, but again nothing seems to be imported).

Is there something different I should be doing? Is Fuelio simply ignoring entries with same date/km when importing?

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What about other data. It is importing? Import creates new vehicle. Maybe you are checking the old vehicle?

I don't know if you know. No need to use CSV for changing location. You can simply edit item - click on Location and you can set location from google maps, search field etc.

Thanks for the information.

So it seems it was my mistake: importing works fine; and indeed it created (each time) a new car. But since there was absolutely no notification about what was going on, I could not imagine it.

So there should probably be some notification about a new car being created after importing CSV -- and also possible a new name for the imported car if another with the same name exists (probably numbered "(2)", "(3)", etc.)

What's more, before trying import-export CSV I was trying the following:

  • Backup to Google drive
  • Edit file manually
  • Restore from Google drive

In this case, I believe that no new car is created, and changed data did not show up.

[Also, I had not noticed about the ability to change the location, which also works fine.]

Yes. You are right.

Maybe I need to add info about it.

Bascically - import (manual) will always create new vehicle but - Send All - Download All is some kind of sync. It will overwrite your data.