Syncing between users sharing vehicles would be nice.

Kevin Kiejko 4 years ago • updated by Adrian 3 months ago 8
My wife and I hav

e two vehicles and sometimes we swap and fill up each others vehicle which makes it a pain to track using our current fuel logging app. Could your app support syncing specific vehicles between two or more users? 

I would love this ability, though I understand it'd add a whole bunch more complexity... Maybe to start, add the ability to merge two logs together?

Share veichles info between more users is more like necessary. 

This is marked as "Completed", but as far as I know it does not exist?

How I can share my vehicles with others users?


They have added this feature now.  You just need to set it up on two different devices and use the dropbox sync settings to go to one single dropbox account.

Ah I see - thanks Kevin! A bit more awkward than I was expecting, but may have to go that route!

It will sometimes work through google drive? I do not want dropbox in my phone.

You need to use same google account on your two devices but it's possible.