Is there a way to add or edit types of fuel?

Mitch 2 years ago • updated by Alexpaul 8 months ago 3

E10 is a common fuel in Australia, would love to be able to pick between E10 and regular petrol.


No the list is fixed.

If you want to use petrol + ethanol (E10) is ethanol type - change your fuel type settings to Flex in vehicle section. This will allows you to use petrol and ethanol subtypes (and E10 is there) :)

I need to change Flex to better translation (this is setting that will give you possibility to use petrol and ethanol types) in one tank!

Don't check bi-fuel if you have only one tank.

Awesome, just what I was looking for, thanks!

Actually, it is possible to add the type of the fuel. I think you haven’t been so observant about the interface that you were using. There are drop downs available in the fill up page which provides you with this option.

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