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CSV import for Bi-fuel vehicle

Nenad Lazaroj 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

I believe that there is problem with CSV import for Bi-fuel settings.

ThankNubmer and FuelType columns are not being imported.

Under review

No. There are no problems with that. Why do you think so?

Just add CSV here or send me your CSV to analyze. I'll check it.

Many users are using this since January 2016.

Just to confirm show your csv file.

You are right... I manage to import CSV correctly.
I tried to export CSV to edit some values and to import it again and I had a problem... I believe that a problem was headers or something like that. CSV keep adding couple of columns (empty ones) at the end. I manage to manually edit it with text editor.
I think I supposed to split CSV into 3 different ones ("Vehicle", "Log" and "CostCategories"), edit them separately and then combine them before import.

There was no bug... sorry for inconvenience and keep a good work ;)

No problem. CSV is great but I'm thinking how to make it even easier to prepare.

That would be nice... I edited 264 logs because I wanted them do be correctly represented by gasoline or LPG (thanks for implementing bi-fuel option). I been using Fuelio for years and bi-fuel was added recently so I had to find a way to edit all previous logs. CSV was my only option (or manually edited them trough Fuelio).