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Entering just kilometers/miles to any date

Pavel Vodička 4 роки тому оновлено Adrian 4 роки тому 2

It would be nice if user could enter just actual kilometers to some date with no fueling. Then it could be considered in travelled distance statistics but not in mileage calculations.

Why i'm asking this is that then id could be possible to enter some historical data just for this statistics. Eg from times when there was no Fuelio :-) Of course it can be useful for users who have vehicle which he is not driving all the time and so fills it just sometimes (once per month or more) but rides just few kms per day or week.

I second this suggestion. Before I found Fuelio I used to track both mileage and fuel use manually but, crucially, I would rarely note down both values at the same time. While I accept this means that I won't be able to use my historical data to calculate fuel efficiency ratings, the data they contribute towards the monthly mileage and monthly fuel cost statistics are still perfectly valid. It's a shame that Fuelio isn't capable of processing them and, until it does, I won't be able to do away with my spreadsheet entirely, lest I loose most of my data

Under review

Could you give me example for this scenario?

So you want to add kilometers and just the odo?